Who is the Nutty Bunny?

A few years ago, Pamela’s sweet daughter, Sophie, had developed some serious health issues, with frequent colds that often led to breathing difficulties and coughing fits. She was on a cocktail of allergy medicines, missed weeks of school and was suffering terribly. It was heart breaking for Pamela and her husband to see Sophie chronically sick and they hated giving her medicine that didn’t seem to help anyway. Sophie was sick and exhausted. They were desperate.

Pamela started looking for alternative approaches to rid Sophie of her allergies and her dependency on ineffective medicine. She found increasingly more evidence of a link between allergies and dairy products, so eliminated them from Sophie’s diet. Within weeks, Sophie was symptom free. Since then, she has not taken any medication and hasn’t missed a single school day because of sickness. She is now a healthy, happy and active teenager.

But Sophie missed her ice cream! So with Pamela’s culinary training from the Natural Gourmet Institute and her background as a researcher, she set out to make the most delicious and healthy non-dairy ice cream for Sophie. Many batches later, Sophie approved the recipe and Nutty Bunny was created and named after their nickname for Sophie.